Become a Member of Newstead Village Community Trust

The Newstead Village Community Trust (NVCT) is owned by the people of Newstead. The aim of the NVCT is to improve the quality of life for those living in Newstead, preserve the village’s unique heritage and safeguard its natural environment. The organisation works in partnership with its members and other stakeholders to deliver a shared vision through a sustainable, inclusive and equitable approach.

The NVCT is a democratic organisation where full members have control over the company. Full members must live in Newstead and be aged 16 years and over. Associate (non-voting) Membership is open to individuals under 16, those who live outwith the community, and to organisations and businesses who have an interest in Newstead and support the purposes of the NVCT.

No one has a personal financial interest in the NVCT, which will use its income to further the charitable aims of the organisation. Membership is currently free, and members have a maximum liability of no more than £1 in the event the organisation is wound up. The NVCT can own assets, raise funds, provide services and trade. Any profits made must be used for the benefit of our community, and not distributed for personal gain. All NVCT activities must be in line with the purposes of the organisation and its constitution.

Newstead is identified by the following postcode units: TD6 9RL, TD6 9RN, TD6 9RQ, TD6 9LS, TD6 9RR, TD6 9RW, TD6 9RP, TD6 9DX, TD6 9DZ, TD6 9ED, TD6 9DD, TD6 9DE, TD6 9BU, TD6 9DY, TD6 9DA, TD6 9BZ.

Full members have certain rights and responsibilities, for example, they can:

Attend the Annual General Meeting and to elect the Board of Directors who will manage the organisation on the community’s behalf.

Stand for election as a Director.

Receive a copy of the Annual Report and Accounts of the organisation.

Vote on any changes to the constitution.

Vote on any resolutions that will change the way the organisation is run.

Newstead Village Community Trust offers a warm welcome.


NVCT is a volunteer led organisation. We welcome and encourage support from volunteers and have a range of opportunities to get involved. 

If you would be interested in becoming a Director please get in touch below.

We are currently looking for support with developing the Village Green, including practical help with maintaining the green area and woodland, planning and developing the space, including planting. Longer-term we are looking for support with design and build of a gathering shelter on the site.

If you are interested please complete the enquiry form below.