Join Newstead Village Community Trust to support us in our work to make Newstead an even better place to live and to visit. Our mission is to deliver the priorities and projects identified by our community through our consultation and which form Newstead's Community Action Plan.

About Newstead Village 

Newstead, in the Scottish Borders, is located within the Eildon and Leaderfoot National Scenic Area. The Village lies at the foot of the three Eildon Hills and sits on the banks of the River Tweed one mile from the famous Melrose Abbey.

Newstead is reputedly the oldest continually inhabited settlement in Scotland. It has a rich history, being surrounded by several Iron-Age settlements, including a large hill fort on Eildon North Hill, and hosts the remains of the 1st Century Roman Fort, Trimontium, which lies under fields to the east of the village. Many of the houses have stones from the Roman Fort embedded in their structures.

Our Village was home to the stonemasons who built Melrose Abbey and became the site of the first Masonic Lodge in Scotland, originally developed to regulate the training and craftsmanship of apprentices. The marks and monuments of the stonemasons, in the form of carved stones and unique sundials are scattered around the village.

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